Washing instructions

washing nappies


How should Ella's House nappies be washed?


Nappies can be washed at 60 degrees celsius. We don´t recommend tumble drying as it reduce the lifespan of your nappies. You can tumble dry your nappies rarely to redeem fabric and make it softer. Always use lowest drying temperature and shortest time.

Nappy wraps can be washed at 40°C, don´t dry in tumble and close to heaters. Dry it hang out in open air.Wraps can be used several times before washing. Either reuse straight away or alternate, letting one air out.

We recommend to rinse nappies and wraps in cold water without washing products to remove weewee before rerular washing. Afterward you can add another clothes, washing products and wash as usual. Don´t overfill washing machine, use at max. 2/3 of capacity. Modernern washing machines use very little water for efficiency but this isn't so good for soiled nappies, so if you have a problem select the high water level wash option.

Don´t use any bleaching agents, potassium, fabric softener and enzyme products which damage fabric and shorter lifespan of nappies and wraps.Using ecological washing products can help babies with skin problems, save nature and protect fabric.

Polyester fleece can pill (bobble) and the degree to which this happens depends on the washing and drying and the particular manufacture of the material. Ella's House uses the finest quality fleece however we cannot totally prevent this from happening.For washing products with polyester fleece don´t use soap as it decrease absorbency of layer.

For washing Ella´s House products we recommend Chestnut Laundry gel. Stain can be easily remove by using Gall soap. 

Video instruction How to wash nappies?

Everything  you need for cloth nappy washing is at Trial Laundry pack.

What about pre-washing?

The hemp material has natural oils that are removed with washing and this increases its absorbency. Three washes at 40 or 60 degrees celsius with your normal washing powder is sufficient. Change your baby more frequently until full absorbency is reached and you have matched absorbency to your baby's wetness habits.

Are there any washing machines that aren't recommended?

Very vigorous washing cycles are unnecessary and will wear your nappies faster than a regular washing machine. We have 1 report of a Dyson contrarotating drum causing accelerated wear, however these washing machines are no longer available.

What about the energy to run the washing machine - doesn't this detract from the environmental benefit?

Ok, but where do you stop? Disposable clothes for baby and the rest of the family?

Will the colours run in my white nappy wash?

They shouldn't. We recommend that you do the 3 pre-washes with similar colours, but after that, there should be no colour runs in the wash.