About reusable nappies

Why cloth?

Why would you want to put anything else on that precious new bottom? Real cloth nappies are so soft and cuddly, and are so easy to use with modern fastenings.

I'm really new to all of this. Where do I start?

It may feel all a bit overwhelming with a new baby, new routines, new cloth nappies that you don't have a clue what to do with... but if you just read through all the questions, you should get a better understanding of everything you need to know.

What is hemp?

We use a fleece material made of a blend of hemp and cotton, which gives strength, absorbency and softness.

  • Hemp fibre is 10 times stronger than cotton and can be used to make all types of clothing.
  • Cotton grows only in warm climates and requires enormous amounts of water and pesticide.
  • Hemp requires little water and grows in a wide variety of climates.
  • Hemp naturally repels weed growth and has few insect enemies meaning NO HERBICIDES and FEW or NO PESTICIDES!
  • Hemp produces twice as much fibre per acre as cotton!
  • Hemp production is illegal in many countries because of its confusion with marijuana, however hemp is useless as an intoxicant.

NO TREE OR PLANT SPECIES ON EARTH HAS THE COMMERCIAL, ECONOMIC, AND ENVIRONMENTAL POTENTIAL OF HEMP. Apart from cloth, it is claimed that hemp can be used to make over 30,000 known products including paper, fuel, oils (cooking, lubricating, etc.), plastics, food for humans and animals, and building materials.

What are the advantages of polyester fleece?

Polyester fleece is a man-made material that is very soft, just like good quality fleece jumpers or jackets for adults! As a nappy liner, it stops the wet nappy material from sitting against your baby's skin. It repels solids as long as they're not too sticky! Because it is stretchy you can hold it upside down over the loo and pull. In the Bum Hugger the polyester fleece lines the whole INSIDE of the nappy, the outside being plain hemp/cotton fleece.

How many nappies do I need?

The number of nappies you need depends on the age of your baby and how much your baby drinks!

For a newborn you'll probably need 10-12 nappies per day (24hrs). A toddler will typically use 3-4 hemp nappies in the day and a Bum Hugger at night. How many nappies you need in total will depend on how often you do the laundry. It's a good idea to start with only a few nappies- try our Bum pack, to check the size, fit and style suits you and your baby, as once used they cannot be returned. Do ask for advice if you're not sure.

And what else do I need to get me started?

The nappy is the absorbent part but over it you put a wrap, which is made from a thin, breathable but waterproof material. You will need about 3-5 nappy wraps. You can either use washable or disposable wipes. I find the washable wipes extremely handy for so many other situations as well, so they're very good to have around.

You'll need a nappy bucket that will hold all of the nappies until wash day. You can get special ones but I got a large Rubbermaid bucket with lid from B&Q which holds everything for up to 4 days. It is ok to store used nappies in a dry bucket and is less hassle than soaking. Modern washing machines and powders makes sterilising unnecessary. You can buy nappy wraps and wipes here.