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Ella´s House s.r.o.
Písková 666/14A
747 07 Opava-Jaktař

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Tel.: +420 603 807 892
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Ella´s house diapers kits

We have put together collection of nappies and accessories to save you the trouble of deciding what you need to get started. One box is for one day nappy changing. If you choose two boxes you can combine Ella´shouse nappies with others or disposable ones. Choosing  of  three boxes of Ella´s house Bum pack let us congratulate you - your baby is full in cloth nappies. 


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Bum pack Ella´House Ella´s House Bum fold pack eco

economical set of Ella´s house nappies

economical set of Bum Fold nappies

Ella´s house nappies set  Bum pack Ella´House Ella´s house nappies set Ella´s House Bum fold pack eco
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